Word Counter

What is Word Counter?

Word counter is a dynamic online web tool used for counting words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, and pages in real-time. However, it helps you count and calculate the number of words in a text. You can start by typing directly into the text area or pasting your content into the box. The results will display on top of the text box area.

You can also use a word counter to track the length of common web standards like twitter’s character count which is (140), Google’s meta description which stands at (300), and Facebook’s average post display length which is (250). This web counter will show you the number of sentences, characters, and paragraphs of your text.

This web tool has very useful metrics for blog posts, articles, essays, and other long-form content.

How to Use Word Counter?

Step 1:  Copy your text and past it directly into the text box area or type directly into the text box.

Step 2: Click on the Count button below the text box

Step 3: now, check the top of the text box to see the results.

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