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What is a VTT file?
WebVTT (.vtt) is a frequently used subtitle file format. It is a human-readable file format in which the subtitles and time information are stored sequentially. This is the format used by the majority of subtitles available on the Internet.

Converting WebVTT to srt
WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks Format) is a popular online video subtitle format. It resembles the srt format in many ways. It's different because it's more adaptive. WebVTT supports full-text formatting, positioning, and karaoke effects. These effects are lost while converting vtt to srt because srt does not allow them.

WebVTT files have the.vtt file extension and are plain text subtitle formats. The first line of a WebVTT file should be WEBVTT. You can tell what format you're dealing with by looking at this. The conversion will most likely fail or generate inaccurate results if the file does not begin with this tag.

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