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TEXT to PDF Converter

You can easily convert your Text files to PDF with the Guru web online tools, this is one of the most powerful online document converters you can find on the internet today.

TXT File format:

txt is a file format for files consisting of text usually containing very little formatting, txt file is majorly limited to text which implies that another form of data like images is not supported, so if you are  looking for a universally acceptable file format, then your data better be in PDF form, lucky enough the Guru web tool txt to pdf converter is available to get all your text file converted within few seconds

Steps to convert txt file to PDF.

Step 1.

Click Select file to Upload file from a device or use the remote URL option, type in the address and upload the txt link.

Step 2.

Click on the Convert button to convert and start the conversion process. In a matter of seconds, the tool will convert the uploaded text file and your Pdf file will be ready.

Step 3.

After converting, click the download button. After conversion, you can download or view the resultant PDF file in your web browser.

Safe and secure

Data security is our top priority, Our Conversion servers are fortified with the best security systems, all documents uploaded to our tool get deleted automatically from our system after conversion, and every file is protected from the third party

Easy access

Guru web tools TXT to PDF converter can convert your txt files regardless of the device and location, Our tool isn't limited to a single device or platform. Using our web-based tool, you may convert text files to PDF from any device or platform at any time.

Conversion without errors:

If you're wary of using multiple tools to convert TXT to PDF and want to stick with just one, this is the finest alternative you've got. This tool produces error-free results without interfering with the structure of your content.

Saves Time-

Having your txt file converted to PDF saves a lot of time that will have been wasted on trying to get a large text file transferred from one source to another


This text to PDF online is free and you are not required to go through any sign-up process or Install any software on your device. This service allows you to convert your TXT file to PDF within a blink of an eye.

Mobility and Portability:

The software, hardware, and operating system (OS) used to create or read the PDF document does not undermine it. This functionality makes it simple to move files between programs and eliminates any communication issues.

Quick and Prompt conversions:

If converting a text file to PDF takes a long time with your current converter, you should use our quickest tool right away. With our TXT to PDF tool, you can convert big text files to PDF in a matter of seconds.

In summary

Txt to Pdf file Converter converts txt file into an easy to view and readable PDF format, with output, as detailed as the original txt file, uploaded

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