Text to Binary

Text To Binary Converter:

Our text to binary converter at GuruWebTools is your best option for converting English words to binary digits (binary numbers 0 and 1) that can be interpreted by electronic machines.

Because each letter has its own 8-bit code (one byte), when the text is translated, it becomes a long string of numbers. A single letter A, for example, is represented in binary as 01000001.

Why We Use Text Converter To Get Binary Code?

Binary code is used in the computer coding system to represent text or instructions for a system to interpret. You must communicate with the electronic device in its native language, which is accomplished primarily through the use of a Text converter to generate binary code.

There are several reasons why you might need to send an English text to a binary translator. Binary code has been used in computers for centuries and is still widely used today. An efficient letter to number converter is required when you need to convert text into a string of binary numbers consisting of 0 and 1.

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