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This amazing RTF to PDF converter by guru web tools is a very effective online tool for converting RTF files to PDF and it does that at an incredible speed with amazing precision, anyone looking to convert an RTF file to PDF should take advantage of this great tool to get the job done

What is RTF?

RTF is a cross-platform format for storing tagged text documents that were developed by Microsoft and Adobe in 1982 as meta-tags for the Word format. In 1985, Adobe continued to enhance the format and produced the PostScript language. The foundation is a simple text format, changeable control sequences that are not macros.

What is PDF?

Portable Document Format

PDF, on the other hand, is an electronic document format created by Adobe Systems and based on the PostScript programming language. Adobe Reader is the official tool for viewing documents in this format. A PDF file is typically a combination of text, pixel and vector graphics, text forms, JavaScript scripts, and other types of data.

There are a variety of methods to use this tool. In the first instance, you have the option of uploading the document directly from your device's storage. You can also submit your file using the remote URL, which will convert your RTF file in only a few clicks.

Steps to convert RTF to PDF


Upload RTF-file(s)

Select the sour files from your device, or by using the remote URL option, type in the link to the file and click on the Upload button.


After uploading the file Click on the Convert button and wait for a few seconds while the tool gets your file converted, In seconds your converted file will be ready for download.


Once finished click on the download button to save your converted pdf file to your device.


Files converted using guru web tool RTF to PDF are 100% error-free and the resultant file is always as detailed as the original file uploaded, no part of the data is lost during conversion

Privacy and Security

Guru web tools give the highest importance and attention to security issues. All files uploaded on our servers are kept in secure storage servers and protected from any unauthorized access. files are automatically deleted from our server shortly after the completion of the conversion process.

Free and Easy

Guru web tools RTF to PDF converter is one of the best online conversion tools available, it is straightforward to use, and our RTF to PDF converter is compatible with any browser. There is no need for additional software such as Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader. you can convert your RTF to PDF online within seconds. It's completely free.

Easy access

Your RTF documents can be converted to PDF with our online converter regardless of your location, there are no location restrictions, no special program or installation required, the tools can be used on any device or operational system(OS) Guru web tool RTF to PDF converter is always available online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet enhanced device.

In summary :

This Great tool Converts your RTF files to PDF with unbelievable precision. All of this happens at a super-fast speed, with the result usually being easy to view and readable PDF file

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