IP Address Lookup

IP Address Lookup

What Is An Ip Address?
Once you've determined an internet user's IP address, you can quickly determine their geographic location (it tells you what part of the country or world they are located in).

This IP location lookup tool from Guru Web Tools is simple to use and completely free. You can enter up to 100 IP addresses (add one IP address per line), making it very convenient. You'll get the results with just one click. It will display the Country, City, State/Region, (within a 20-mile radius), time zone, zip code, and status of each IP address that you have entered.

An IP Address, also known as an Internet Protocol Address, is a set of numbers assigned to a computer network that sends and receives data using the Internet Protocol. The two primary purposes of an IP address are hosting and location address, also known as network interface identification.


Why Should You Use an IP Address Lookup Tool?

Do you want to know where your IP address is or how to find it? You can use this IP address lookup tool to find out what your IP address is.

In a variety of situations, this tool can be extremely useful. Knowing your IP address as well as the attacker's IP location is critical if your website is compromised by an attacker so you can take the necessary steps to prevent the attacker from causing further damage to your website.

This IP lookup tool can be used by bloggers, website owners, webmasters, and SEO experts to determine the IP location of their traffic and where the majority of their visitors come from.


How To Use Our Ip Address Tool?

Copy and paste your IP address in the box and click on the Lookup button. 

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