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HTML to PDF Converter

Guru web tools HTML to PDF is an online document converter that offers free online conversion of HTML files or webpages to PDF.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and it is used to generate web pages. HTML files are usually parsed using web browsers. To create online content, this file format employs tags (e.g.). It may use tags to embed words, images, headings, and tables, among other things. HTML tags can be used with other markup languages such as PHP and CSS.

PDF is a document file format that contains text, images, data, etc. This document type is standalone and completely independent which makes it a generally accepted file format. It's an open standard for compressing text and vector images. It can be viewed on any device and anywhere.

Steps to convert HTML to PDF

How to convert HTML to PDF


Upload HTML file (s)

Select files from your device or type in your URL if you prefer the remote URL option, then click on Upload.


Click convert once you upload the file, in a matter of seconds your converted PDF file will be ready


Download your pdf

Click on the download button to get your pdf file to your device.

Reasons to use HTML to PDF converter:

If you have web pages you visit frequently, and there is a big chance that you visit such a website several times in a day, It may not be practical to visit the website all of the time. If you need to use it frequently, it's a good idea to save it as a document that you can access from your phone or laptop at any time. It's preferable to save it in PDF format.

The most significant feature of the PDF format is that it can be made secure by encrypting it with a password. You have complete freedom to review the document whenever you wish. You'll need to convert the web pages to PDF format for this. The best way to achieve this is to leverage our HTML to PDF converter.

Saves Time-

Once you have your webpage or HTML converted to PDF it saves you the time of having to type in the URL and visiting the page if you have to visit such a page frequently, all you do is just open the converted version you already saved on your device and that takes less than a second to do.

High-Quality Conversions

Our Html to Pdf Converter is a top-notch innovation that converts HTML to PDF within a second and the output is always a high-quality PDF document.

Privacy and Security

This powerful HTML to PDF tool is 100% secure and protected from third parties which makes it entirely safe, any HTML files, webpages, or data uploaded into our database is completely protected from third parties. With our free online tool, you can convert your HTML to PDF in a secure and protected manner within a blink of an eye.

Easy access

Data in PDF form can be easily accessed from anywhere and on any device, PDF files do not require any special skill to read and understand, unlike HTML files, using Guru web tool HTML to PDF makes this possible in a matter of seconds

In summary :

This Fantastic tool Converts your HTML files to PDF with absolute accuracy. All this is done at a tremendous speed and the output is usually a readable PDF file.

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