HEX to RGB Converter 

What is Hex colour?
The colour's hexadecimal (words, numbers, or a combination of both) representation in Red, Green, and Blue is referred to as hex colour.

In hex colour codes, the hashtag (#) sign precedes six letters or numbers. These six letters/numbers indicate the colour combination of red, green, and blue.

The first two letters/numbers indicate red, the second two letters/numbers represent green, and the last two letters/numbers represent blue. The hexadecimal code is used to define colours on web pages. Hexadecimal colour codes are used in HTML.

Converting Hex to RGB Color Codes
Despite the benefits of using hex colour codes, there are times when using an RGB colour code is more appropriate. There are a few reasons why you might want to use an RGB colour coding aside from personal preference:

You may need to add an alpha channel to the colour itself rather than using a separate CSS property for opacity.
Because printers comprehend RGB values better than hexadecimal numbers, it's feasible that users will print your website.

To change colours, you may need to use JavaScript, which is made easier if you use RGB colour values.
Converting a hex colour code to an RGB colour code is a little easier because there is less arithmetic involved.

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