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The Guru web tools Excel to PDF converter is an online tool that allows the user to convert Excel worksheets to PDF without having to adhere to any strict guidelines. We created a user-friendly tool to convert Excel to PDF files in a matter of seconds for your convenience. Every step required to make use of this tool is so simple and clear, that no personal information is required.

Using cutting-edge AI technology, we've created an incredible application that will transform your Excel files into high-quality PDFs in the blink of an eye.

Steps to Convert Excel To PDF

Step 1

Open online Excel to PDF converter.

On the page on the Guru web tool website, you’ll find the option to upload your file, either from your device or from the remote URL, enter the address and click UPLOAD to upload your file.

Step 2

Click “Convert to PDF.” The tool will convert the Excel file to PDF, and return the result to download.

Step 3

At this point, simply click on Download Your File” to download a zip converted PDF file


This converter provides a variety of handy functions. The following sections go over some of the key features of our Excel to PDF tool.

You are not required to register or install the tool to make use of our Excel to PDF converter.

Our Excel to PDF online converter can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an internet enhanced device.

Free and secure

It's almost difficult to find a good tool with great features like our Excel to PDF converter at no cost, this effective Excel to PDF tool is 100% protected from third parties which makes it completely safe, you can equally convert as many Excel files into PDFs within a short time. With our free online tool, you can convert your Excel to PDF in a secure and protected manner.


The conventional way of converting an Excel file to PDF was time-consuming because it required a special application. This strategy necessitated a significant amount of time and work on your part. This Excel to PDF converter online, on the other hand, offers you a converted file almost instantly.

Maintaining Files originality

Most internet converters mess with the file's formatting, forcing you to spend hours rearranging it. Fortunately, you may save time and work by converting Excel to PDF with this program, as your files will retain their original formatting after conversion.

Always accessible, anytime, anywhere

This tool offers easy access to a completely web-based application that you can use regardless of your location. To convert Excel files to PDF, you don't need to sit in a specified location, such as your office, school, or anywhere else, or wait for specific hours. This utility can be accessed at any time and from any location.


There are plenty of other advantages to using our free Excel to PDF converter online. Enumerated below are a few of the most important benefits.

Data portability is important.

One of the most significant advantages of converting Excel to PDF is that you can view it on any device without having to install a special application, whereas an Excel file requires the Office suite to open. Once the data has been converted to PDF, you can view it on any device without any problems.

Data is easy to understand

Some people may find it difficult to grasp data on a spreadsheet because of the layout of Excel, which appears confusing and ambiguous to them. PDF, on the other hand, is quite popular due to its good layout, which promotes data readability. As a result, you may convert Excel to PDF in a matter of seconds for a better comprehension of data.

MS Office dependency

Excel files are commonly used in Microsoft Office, but what if your device doesn't have the Office suite? You will not be able to access your Excel files. However, after you've converted your spreadsheet to PDF using our Excel to PDF converter, your document file becomes easily accessible without installing any software.

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