Case Converter

Case Converter:

Have you ever finished typing a document only to discover a few capitalization errors and wished you didn't have to spend so much time editing it? It happens frequently, and if you're using a standard word processor, your errors will be autocorrected as you type, but such software only corrects grammatical errors.

You'll have to manually capitalize an entire section if you need to. And doing all of this takes time. You can easily change the case of your texts using an online text transforming tool like ours. Copy and paste your text, then select the case in which you want it to appear.

Our site has a number of SEO tools, including the Change Uppercase to Lowercase Tool. It's an online text converter that accepts both upper and lower case letters as input and converts them into the desired case.

How to Use Case Converter:

1. copy and paste your text into the text box and click on the convert button that suits your need.

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